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Numbers Call and React

Two groups of players all given numbers and when the number is called the players with that number swap groups

Coaching Objectives

Are your players listening and being alert to what is happening around them? Warm them up with this game which makes them listen out for their number.

Drill Setup

  • 10 Mins
  • Squad Players
  • 20 x 20 y

What the Players Do

Split the area into 4 squares and groups of players must be in one of the squares and move on the call of the coach. Players are in two groups of four (or more groups if you need more).…

Transition To Attack

Counter attacking is about pace and quality of the passes/crosses. Look for quick movement in the 3v2 to create overloads to get your players ready to counter attack in matches

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Coaching Objectives

Taking advantage of transition of the ball to score goals.

Drill Setup

  • 25 Mins
  • 18 Players
  • 3 Goals
  • 2 Bibs
  • 72x50 y

What the Players Do

For this drill you need an area 72 yards x 50 yards including wing channels of 17 yards, 18 players, three goals, cones and balls. Play for 25 minutes. You need attacking players working in threes…

Quick Thinking

Midfielders should think quickly and react to transitions to maximise overload situations

Coaching Objectives

You want your midfielders to react quickly in transition of the ball so they can take advantage of overload situations.

Drill Setup

  • 25 Mins
  • 16 Players
  • 2 Goals
  • 6 Bibs
  • 50 x 40 y

What the Players Do

Split the area into two zones – one 15 yards wide and the other 35 yards wide. Create two teams with a team of 9 players against a team of 7. Set up the team of 9 so there are 4 players in…