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3v2 With Bounce Players

This drill works on using an overload at the attacking end of the pitch with players exploiting overload situations to score goals. It is a constant wave game excellent for tactics and technique.

Coaching Objectives

Individual skills help the players keep the ball and play the right pass to open up the goals


  • The attacker need to pass crisply and along the ground to move at speed that defenders will find harder to cover
  • Passes should be ahead of each other in the move upfield into the run of a team mate
  • Receive on the furthest foot from the pass on the half turn making it easier to scan what is happening on the pitch
  • Try to attack the space left by the defenders – attack down the middle and pass the ball or if the space is down the wing attack wide passing inside to beat the defender.
  • Players now need to link up with the bounce player to set up a goal scoring chance.


  • Good body shape to force the player with the ball inside away from goal.
  • Don't jump in but press to hold up the attackers otherwise if they beat you it's easier for the attackers to score
  • One defender press and one covers, and defenders must be on the balls of their feet ready to react

Drill Setup

  • 25 Mins
  • 8+ Players
  • 4 target Goals
  • 4 Bibs
  • 30 x 20 y

What the Players Do

You need four target goals on the edges of the pitch with a bounce player between the goals at each end. Start with a 2v2 in the centre with extra players behind the goals, the two blue attackers…

The Joker Game

Using magic men to give overloads to the side in possession is a great way of getting success in this attacking drill

Coaching Objectives

This is all about taking advantage of the jokers and using that advantage to score goals. The size of the advantage should make scoring easy but that is not always the case!

  • The possession team is looking to create triangles with players moving to make it easier for the player on the ball to pass it
  • Use one and two touch play 
  • Use long and short passes and create triangles using the players in the middle.
  • All players should be moving to support the pass, opening passing routes to give options to the player on the ball.
  • Positioning, movement and decision making are the keys to the games
  • Speed of play is important 

Drill Setup

  • 20 Mins
  • 11 Players
  • 1 Goals
  • 6 Bibs
  • 40 x 30 y

What the Players Do

You need three teams of 3 players and 2 goalkeepers. Two teams play 3v3 in the central area and the third team of jokers has two players out wide on the edge of the area and one in the centre. They…

4v4 Find the Targets

Playing 4v4 gives players a clean slate to create tactics that let them keep the ball and pass it at a diagonal across the pitch

Coaching Objectives

Movement to enable combination play in 4v4 set up, with good first touch, passing and possession skills.

Drill Setup

  • 20 Mins
  • 12 Players
  • 2 Goals
  • 6 Bibs
  • 50 x 20 y

What the Players Do

Main pitch is 20 x 20 with 5 yard end zones. Teams play a 4v4 in the central zone with target players at both ends of the pitch. Teams try to keep possession in a 4v4, and score points by getting…