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Combinations in Attack

In the attacking third combination play is key to breaking down defences especially when faced with a low block. Clever combination play will catch defenders out making it difficult to predict where the danger is coming from

Coaching Objectives

The important things to look out for in this warm up is weight and accuracy of the passing. When players move to set up a decoy to fool the defenders they must do it with positive movement to make the decoy look realistic. Players must be aware of passing routes and not block each. Speed of play is important so the move is not too slow and break down.

Drill Setup

  • 15 Mins
  • 4 Players
  • 25 x 10 y

What the Players Do

In this passing combination the four players start with two at one end and two in the middle of the area. Player A starts with a pass to player B and on that pass player C is the decoy moving as if to…

Shock Attacking

Enhance your counter-attacking with greater variety of combinations

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Coaching Objectives

Counter attacks provide some of the best opportunities to score, your players need to be prepared for the opportunities when they arrive. 

Drill Setup

  • 15 Mins
  • 10 Players
  • 2 Goals
  • 3 Bibs
  • Half Pitch y

What the Players Do

Set up by using half a pitch with a goal at each end. You’ll also need cones and balls.  Split your players into a 5v3 with a goalkeeper at each end. Play begins with the team…

The Joker Game

Using magic men to give overloads to the side in possession is a great way of getting success in this attacking drill

Coaching Objectives

This is all about taking advantage of the jokers and using that advantage to score goals. The size of the advantage should make scoring easy but that is not always the case!

  • The possession team is looking to create triangles with players moving to make it easier for the player on the ball to pass it
  • Use one and two touch play 
  • Use long and short passes and create triangles using the players in the middle.
  • All players should be moving to support the pass, opening passing routes to give options to the player on the ball.
  • Positioning, movement and decision making are the keys to the games
  • Speed of play is important 

Drill Setup

  • 20 Mins
  • 11 Players
  • 1 Goals
  • 6 Bibs
  • 40 x 30 y

What the Players Do

You need three teams of 3 players and 2 goalkeepers. Two teams play 3v3 in the central area and the third team of jokers has two players out wide on the edge of the area and one in the centre. They…