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Circle Passing Routes

Creative passing to beat low block defences is all about players seeing the route for a pass rather like a snooker player plots breaks.

Coaching Objectives

This is all about getting players to see both teammates with side on body position, receiving from one player and passing to another.

Mark out a 20 yard diameter circle and a smaller 10 yard circle inside that. Teams work in threes with one player in the centre small circle and the other two players on the outside of the large circle. 

Drill Setup

  • 20 Mins
  • 9 Players
  • 6 Bibs
  • 20 x 20 y

What the Players Do

We start this session with players locked in to their positions with unopposed passing between the three players with every pass going into the player in the centre or out from the player in the…

Anticipating Through Passes

Through balls are a great way to get your team behind the opposition defence and gives them a great chance to get a shot on goal

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Coaching Objectives

Players need to show the right attitude in this drill. Under pressure they need the determination ot get to the ball and show the skill to score – shoot using chip shots, power shots, placement and taking the ball around the keeper.

Drill Setup

  • 15 Mins
  • 6 Players
  • 1 Goals
  • 1 Bibs
  • 30x10 y

What the Players Do

In this drill you need to use an area 30 x 10 with a goal and a goalkeeper at one end and the players at the other.  A server plays the ball from behind the attackers towards goal that…

Keep Ball in Sixes

Keeping the ball in teams of six is a much harder form of playing in Rondos to keep possession – here it is using 6 plus 6 neutrals v 6 pressers.

Coaching Objectives

There are a lot of passing options in this game so decision making is key and chosing the right options can be difficult so coach players to make the right ones.

Normal game 6v6 with one team on the outside for the players in possession.

Drill Setup

  • 15 Mins
  • 18 Players
  • 2 Goals
  • 10 Bibs
  • 36 x 44 y

What the Players Do

The team outside the area are two-touch but the two next to the goal are one-touch. Play starts with the keeper passing to a team mate who must pass to a player on the outside. Both teams react to the…