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This is a passing and receiving in triangles technical video direct from Cupello's partner Felipe Ragel in Barcelona, Spain. The objective is to pass and control the ball with speed and precision, focusing on timing movement well and body position.

What we are working on in the video is third man passing. Try to get your players to use different parts of the foot to pass but the key pass is side-foot accuracy. Look for passes at different angles receiving from different angles and the pace of the pass.

Coaching points

  • Passing in triangles
  • Good first touch to keep ball moving
  • Create passing lines
  • Body shape to receive ball on back foot.
  • Pass longer pass with speed to keep the drill upbeat.
  • Short passes should be laid-off softly. Try to make diagonal passes
  • Play to teammate's foot furthest away
  • Always play the ball along the ground
  • Try to look around and scan the area before receiving the ball.

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Written By

Felipe Ragel

Under 19 head coach of Marcet Soccer Academy in Barcelona, Spain.

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